Industry experience spans from seed to shelf, from sales to marketing.  

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With consulting experience spanning over 25 years in the Natural Products Industry, Founder Julie Dennis offers experience very few can match.

Adulteration has been around as long as commerce has been around. This is true for many industries including the commerce of botanical ingredients. Therefore, it behooves the retailer of botanical dietary supplements to understand the issues surrounding adulteration to help assure they are only stocking quality products.
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Save money and time by reducing your risk. I assist in making sure you have the most comprehensive perspective available for your most educated action plan.

Helping make your vision a reality through expert analysis, action and
movement forward towards reaching your goals in the most efficient, effective way possible.

expert analysis

If you work in the natural products industry you may know

that the non-GMO category is growing and retailers are responding

by stocking an increasing array of non-GMO certified products.

There’s no denying, non-GMO is a hot topic, and a hot seller, but exactly how do dietary supplements fit in with all this? What does it take to produce a truly non-GMO certified dietary supplement? Read more.

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