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Save money and time by reducing your risk. I assist in making sure you have the most comprehensive perspective available for your most educated action plan.

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Industry experience spans from seed to shelf, from sales to marketing.  

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"It has been both a privilege and an honor to work with Julie Dennis. She is extremely responsible and conscientious while being surprisingly creative. She brings with her an impressively vast skill set which she expertly hones onto whatever task is in front of her."

Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.

Animal Psychology (Cetacean & Elephant Specialist), Behavioral Biology,Consultant & Advocacy, Author & Animal Listener.

"I remember the first encounter I had with the midst of a large product launch and was completely in awe of her grace, knowledge base and immense passion for our company...I have seen her only continue to use her skills to soar to new heights where ever she goes."

Joanna Misunas

Owner Sojourn Box

"Canna Joint Relief has changed my life. I was in such pain I was actually feeling like my end might be near. Now I am doing Hatha yoga, strength training (gentle) and walking a mile 3 times per week! I am back to focusing on getting stronger, rather than being in protective mode with my body."
Sherry Gayatri Van Dyke
Mill Valley, California 

"I had some inflammation in my Shoulder and your Canna Joint Relief Product worked miracles."
G. Grey
Nevada City, CA   

"Julie brings to her work high integrity, energy, and commitment which gives shine to her talent." 
Dr Patty Stephens
Strategic Leadership Consulting and Counseling 

"I have all the confidence that you will do very well, and that your investors will be glad they chose you."
Roy Upton, RH, DipAyu 
Director Planetary Herbals 
Executive Director, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

"We were selling our line of hair care products for almost 5 years, getting amazing feedback from our customers and doing OK. But our sales were difficult to grow. Julie helped us realize a 100% improvement in our branding and marketing. Since then our sales have grown 25% and new accounts have been contacting us on their own." 
Pierre Choinière
Co-Founder of Oneka Elements       

With consulting experience spanning over 25 years in the Natural Products Industry, Founder Julie Dennis offers experience very few can match.

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