Natural Community Review was founded in 2009 by Julie Dennis for people interested in natural health and wellness. She is driven by her passion for helping the larger community live their most vital and healthy lives.

At the age of 15 Julie's first job was working at a health food store in Los Angeles. At the same time she also worked at a fast food "restaurant" about a block away. After seeing the difference in health and vitality of the different clientele, it was easy for her to make the choice to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

From that moment on she made it her mission to inspire others to choose wellness. This lead to a

career in the natural products industry spanning decades assisting individuals as well as entities including entrepreneurs and companies in categories such as organic agriculture, dietary supplements,

pet supplements, natural foods and body care.

Her motto: it's never too late to investigate, integrate and incorporate healthy protocols.

Her mission: to help you get there.

Helping make your vision a reality through expert analysis, action and
movement forward towards reaching your goals in the most efficient, effective way possible.

Julie Dennis, founder

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With consulting experience spanning over 25 years in the Natural Products Industry, Founder Julie Dennis offers experience very few can match.

Natural Community Review

Natural community review

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Industry experience spans from seed to shelf, from sales to marketing.  

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Save money and time by reducing your risk. I assist in making sure you have the most comprehensive perspective available for your most educated action plan.

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